Our Core Vision
and Mission


Our Vision is to have a world with peace , love and prosperity. We visualize a world devoid of the dividing walls of caste, race regional discrimination and religious rivalries. We all live in brotherhood. We look for a world with the unitive culture which integrates the non-violence of Budha, the love of Christ, the brotherhood of Nabi, the wisdom of Adi Sankara, and the spirituality of ancient Indian Gurus. We wish to create a human being with a meditative life, loving everybody around him


We are a team of Guru’s Devotees, committed to bring out the teachings of Guru in its true form, imbibe Guru’s teachings in personal, family and social life.Our goal is to achieve all-round development of a person, family and the world

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Our aim & Capabilities

Start and operate an institution for teaching Sree Narayana Guru philosophy. To promote the knowledge of Upanishads, other Vedic literature, Bhagavat Gita, and other relevant literature,and to conduct various social, spiritual, philosophical, and educational programs such as seminars, symposiums, lectures, and classes to achieve the above objectives, and to conduct open discussions and discourses to encourage better understanding between philosophy of the East and West including Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammed Nabi, along with the literature of Sree Narayana Guru,Sree Buddha,Sree Sankara and other Indian philosophers and spiritual teachers.

Guru Dharma Propagation

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